Monday, September 22, 2008


one thing that is pretty surprising to me about grad school is the amount of free time you have. i have 5 classes a week. on tuesdays i have 3, on thursdays i have 2. 9 credits is a full load here. i have to admit it is pretty sweet being able to sleep in 5 out of 7 days a week, and also make money on the side for teaching psychology to undergrads (aka grading tests, for now). of course, my free time is usually filled up with reading or writing papers or whatnot, because gradschool isnt gradschool without a larger workload. although i may spend a lot of time reading, the great thing that none of it is really considered "homework" because you have nothing to turn in the next class period. just gotta make sure you know your shit if the professor randomly calls on you. well i dont feel inspired to write anymore, so.... until next time.


Sunday, September 21, 2008


hey everyone, i dont feel like i get enough attention so here is my blog about grad school. since i know a couple of people that want to do grad school in the future, i decided i might make a blog about life as a grad student so people might know what to expect. no, i dont go to harvard, or UC berkeley or central oregon community college. i go to northern arizona university, where i am enrolled in the masters psychology program, on the pre-doctorate track. also, i get payed by NAU to grade tests and stuff which is awesome. i have been here for about a month now, and i have a few things worth talking about, so expect a post or twelve in the next week or so. questions are welcome as comments, and i'll try to answer them. i think thats about it.... bye.