Sunday, September 21, 2008


hey everyone, i dont feel like i get enough attention so here is my blog about grad school. since i know a couple of people that want to do grad school in the future, i decided i might make a blog about life as a grad student so people might know what to expect. no, i dont go to harvard, or UC berkeley or central oregon community college. i go to northern arizona university, where i am enrolled in the masters psychology program, on the pre-doctorate track. also, i get payed by NAU to grade tests and stuff which is awesome. i have been here for about a month now, and i have a few things worth talking about, so expect a post or twelve in the next week or so. questions are welcome as comments, and i'll try to answer them. i think thats about it.... bye.


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Ryan said...

dearest Greg.

grade those papers with as much ferocity as humanly psychologically as possible. it is a Maslow once said quote, "fuck this, go down a hierarchy."

your lover in time,