Friday, May 8, 2009

first year is done, i can look back and say i've learned a lot in a small amount of time. i have my thesis proposal ready to go, it is completely different than it used to be. i read an interesting article on my topic that pretty much said, further trying to distinguish why this phenomena happens doesn't matter. i believed it. so onto better things! maybe i'll post an outline of my newish thesis topic sometime in the future. i'll be working here over the summer, just in case anybody wants to know, even though this blog gets maybe... one hit per month, and it's probably gracie. i'm also growing out my hair again, i miss my girlish locks that i had a few years back.

my brother is getting married this august, and i am the best man. although i was really excited and happy for the honor, i have no freakin idea what to say. it stirs quite a bit of anxiety in me, knowing i cant say something like "god damnit andy you used to take apart all my legos, and it still makes me sad" or "andy tell your friends to leave me alone" or "andy why did you have to destroy my high school porn stash?" i need to think of something in regard to him being a good brother. of course i jest, i love my brother, it is just tough to put that into words. i could always say something like "andy, you and I are like detroit piston's Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer," though i am sure the meaning would get lost on the crowd as well as you.

anyways that is enough for tonight's midnight ramblings, so it is time for your humble narrator to depart.


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Nicko said...

hi greg! my name is nick myers and this is my computer weblog. Lets hope our parents don't find out about these again.