Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summer so far

new dredg is out... it's incredibly wonderful. also new mars volta out. it seems like omar produces a new record ever few months, but i really enjoy this one in comparison to the last few releases. an older friend of mine really got me into the who recently, and he also gave me an old Rush LP. i figure now is the time to start my record collection, since i don't have any excuse not too anymore. my parents are mailing me an old turntable they have in their attic, so once i buy some speakers and a tuner i'll be ready to go.

i've been TA'ing for a summer class here, and it's really awesome. the entire class is online, and all i have to do is grade a handful of quizzes and two really short papers for 25 students, and i get paid 600 bucks. im also working at a crazy busy restaurant bussing tables, and in a usual shift (approx. 5 hours) i can make anywhere from 80 to 120 dollars. best job ever. but even when i do the math i still get depressed because my annual salary if i keep this job is what... 15000 a year? sad. funny how not much money still seems like a lot, even though im 23.

2.5 weeks from now is my brother's bachelor party in portland. i am super excited for that, even though it will be really low-key. it's just a weekend trip, but i can't wait to see oregon and my brother again. i dont know if it will compare to our weekend-long mexico trip, which was probably the best vacation i've ever been on (sorry mom and dad). it turns out you can still have a great vacation and spend under 150 bucks.

and as a final thought, im going to look like this when im at andy's wedding:

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